“The strengthening of ties and friendship between Russia and Turkey is proceeding rapidly. It is necessary to develop cooperation and the development of various projects”

V.V. Putin


“In Turkey, people are not simple and working with them is not easy. But cooperation with this country can be fruitful. A huge tourism market, huge opportunities for growth. I would be happy if the Russians helped the Turks raise the prestige of hockey in the country to a higher level “

Rene Fasel

stages of the project in Turkey

Taking into account the friendly and working relations between Turkey and Russia today, taking into account the latest agreements between these countries at the BSEC summit, it is obvious that there is a unique opportunity, jointly by the Turkish side, to create a modern sports center in Turkey that meets international standards.

At the first stage of the project:

The creation of the International Sports Center in Turkey provides for the construction of a modern sports palace equipped with the latest Russian technologies with three ice platforms for training trainings in ice sports (hockey, figure skating) and competitions. Also on the territory of the center are supposed: a concert venue, a restaurant, a bath complex and service infrastructure. all this will allow organizing training and competitions for children and youth,amateur and professional teams of Turkey, Russia, CIS countries and Europe. Sports stars and world-class coaches from Russia and other countries will be invited to organize demonstrations and training sessions.

The main goals of creating the center are:

Rapprochement between the Russian and Turkish peoples, increasing interest in winter sports in Turkey, the creation of new jobs, a significant influx of tourists and athletes from Russia and around the world, undoubted commercial success, a possible construction boom of ice rinks throughout Turkey, additional supplies and the local budget.

As part of the activities of the International Sports Center, it is planned: holding international festivals, exhibitions, concerts, evenings and holidays. Demonstrations of professional athletes will additionally attract a number of tourists – sports enthusiasts. Television broadcasts of the competitions will help create a positive image of Russia and Turkey, as well as increase the number of tourists.

At the second stage of the project:

It provides for the construction in Turkey, one of the largest in Europe, a universal sports complex with 12 thousand spectator seats. Equipping the complex with equipment made according to advanced world technologies will allow holding international competitions of the highest level in various sports. All this will sharply increase the flow of tourists from all regions of the world.

The night hockey league, amateur teams, created at the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is ready to accept amateur athletes into its ranks.

The organizing committee of the night hockey league expressed its intention to hold the next lil championship final at the opening of the International Athlete Training Center in Turkey

“Star Ice”