organization and holding of summer children’s camps and fees


We organize children’s hockey camps for children aged 6 to 17 years.



Hockey is the most team game in the world, which requires, first of all, character and careful preparation. The development of players and the possibility of their transition to a professional level is impossible without communication skills, attention to details, as well as a responsible and smart attitude to the training process.
A team is formed only when everyone firmly believes in its specific principles. Confidence in oneself and teammates is achieved through poise and discipline, the ability to think creatively and objectively. The spirit of struggle and character must be maintained and developed continuously.



We invite excellent specialists with extensive experience in children’s hockey to our camps. Our coaches know how to work to get into the NHL. The entire training process is designed so that children improve their skills both on ice and on the ground, and not one of the workouts repeats the previous one. Our experts pay great attention to working with young hockey players and developing their personal qualities. An interpreter is always present as an assistant to communicate with trainers. We have gathered the best in our field to make this camp useful for your children.



Classes on ice, training on the ground and practicing throwing, as well as theory. An intensive program of the training process was developed with the direct participation of trainers from Russia and North America, who themselves organized more than one training camp and have vast experience in conducting training camps for children. Of course, translators work at each lesson, who will 100% transmit information from the mouth of the trainers. It is also important that coaches equally develop skating, throws, transfers, strength training, dexterity, balance, and coordination of each child.



When organizing the camp, we pay attention to the planning of leisure for young hockey players. We have developed a cultural and game program for every evening shift

Camp Camp in Beijing

organization and holding of large spectacular sports events

In 2008, SportInvest LLC, with the support of the Russian Olympic Committee in Beijing, organized the House of Friends of the Olympics in CHATEAU LAFFITTE.
Our guests were Olympic Champions, World and European Champions, Russian sports and pop stars, prominent businessmen and politicians

In 2017, with the support of the Moscow Government, our company was the organizer of the festival “Days of Moscow in Beijing”. Within the framework of the festival, a show was organized for Russian skaters, Olympic Champion Tatyana Navka, World Championships and US Champions Peter Chernyshev, as well as young Champions of Russia

International hockey tournament “Spartak Cup” 1994-2012.

design and construction of multifunctional ice centers

In 2017, with the support of the International Hockey Federation (IIHF), we made a project for a multifunctional ice complex for construction in a suburb of Beijing